GVdelhi2006 Summit Map

GVdelhi2006 Map

I think that the GVdelhi2006 Summit Map is ready for use even if some GV friends did not send their information yet. There will be always a possibility to add the few missing ones and complete it.

The aim of designing the GVdelhi2006 Map is to memorize the Summit and the presence of all the attendees who have given that amazing gathering a colorful touch. Further aims are to underline – by putting in it on the map- the globalized aspect of the GV community and to provide an easy access to each other’s blogs and information. And like suggested by Ethan Zuckerman, I really hope that I’ll have enough time in the future to expand the Map and make it cover all Global Voices contributors, even those who weren’t in Delhi.

This Map is actually my contribution to the summit. Being a new member of the GV team, I was there, listening with so much attention to what has been said. I didn’t speak a word during the summit –I’m not a [good] speaker at all-, nevertheless I was observing things and learning from everybody around me.

I have to admit something: I was annihilated by the “tyranny” of the Mac laptop and the lighting shinny effect of the Apple logo. And while the “PC users are hiding [their] laptops under the tables as the Mac boys and Mac girls” are parading their gadgets, I was sitting next to Farid -and like him- without Mac nor PC, wondering if I was really a…blogger and if it was all about Mac! And then I remembered the funny and yet intelligent post of Alaa on being a blogger.

Ok, getting back to more serious matters. In fact, this Map is meant to be published on Global Voices site. More than 10 days ago I‘ve sent all concerned files to the Technology and Managing Editor team of GV with detailed instructions on how to “activate it”. On one hand, I do not want to bother nor rush them ; they already have more important work and things to do. But, on the other hand, some friends who attended the summit are urging me to publish the Map. For my side, I also need to move on to other work and put an end to this project. So I decided to put this Map on my server until they will take a decision about it.

  • Finally I renew my thanks to every body that sent me the needed information for the trust and help,
  • I specially want to thank Georgia and Rachel who supported from the beginning this project and made it happen,
  • And last but not least, I would like to thank all the photographers and Kamla Bhatt for her podcast and videocast.

Here is the link to the GVdelhi2006 Map. Hope you like it!