403 Checker

403 Checker

“403 Access Denied Checker”

Don’t miss this tool if you are an activist trying to understand how your government is filtering the Web and if he is using, like the Tunisian regime, a fabricated 404 error page instead of the intentional block 404 – Access Denied.

“403 Access Denied Checker” has been created by my friend, the Tunisian activist and blogger Astrubal in the occasion of the Unblock Dailymotion campaign that we’ve launched following the block of the popular French video sharing site Dailymotion by few Tunisian ISPs.

4 versions are available for download: MacOS X, MacOS 8.6-9, Linux, Windows 98/XP.


First of all, “403 Access Denied Checker” isn’t a tool to bypass censorship.

403 Checker” aims to make it easy for any one to quickly check a huge number of urls and share the result with the public. Its main gaol isn’t to help “experts”, but to help getting feedback from no experts, those who are living under repressive regimes.

This is an early alpha release, and many things still to be done to make it more user friendly.


The procedure is simple and does not require from the user to have administrative rights on the machine that will run “403 Checker”; any destination folder that the user has write privileges will do.

Just unpack the entire contents of the downloaded archive. That’s all, no special installer needed.

For further information about the installation and the use of “403 Checker”, please read the post on Astrubal’s blog. To see an example of a test run in Tunisia, please check the post of Malek