Some people think the internet is a bad thing

My friend Ethan Zuckerman talks about internet repression


Join Amnesty International UK and The Observer newspaper for a unique global event. We will use the internet to link activists from around the world to discuss the struggle against internet repression and to celebrate the irrepressible desire of people towards freedom of expression.

Wherever you are, you will be able to watch the debate live on the day by webcast, and ask questions, make comments and put your point, at (this web address will go live on 6 June)


18.30 – Observer welcome to the event – Kamal Ahmed (live)

18.35 – Keynote speaker address – Martha Lane Fox (live)

18.50 – The latest on Internet Repression around the world – Ron Deibert (virtually)

The Human Cost of Internet Repression

19.00 – Voices from around the world – Sami Ben Garbia (live)

19.15 – A short contribution from Iran – Sina Motalebi (live)

19.20 – The impact in the US – Josh Wolf (virtually)

Corporate complicity?

19.30 – The impact in China/ Action against companies – Morton Sklar (virtually) and Theresa Harris (virtually) plus Yu Ling, wife of Chinese cyber-dissident (recorded)

The Power of the Internet

19.35 – The power of the internet –Yan Sham-Shackleton (virtually)

19.45 – The power of the internet and the transformation of journalism – Kevin Anderson – (live)

19.50 – Getting around censorship – Shava Nerad (virtually)

20.00 – Debate – 30 minutes


20.25 – Launch of the new Irrepressible – SODA and someone from Amnesty (live)

End – 20.30