Islam 2.0

Update from the author of the video [received on July 6th, 2007]:

As an expression of friendship and respect for certain viewers and fellow bloggers, I have put an end to the Islam Electronica Project and have removed both the video and MP3.

Many thanks,

Ahmad Sherif


Is this a new trend? Islam 2.0? I don’t know! For me this is a relevant sign of Islam’s crisis with modernity rather than a sign of a new, modernized and “hip hopped” Islam. Do we really need to show how modern and how human our faith can be? I really think that the two extreme approaches of exposing Islam: the hyper conservative and the hyper modern are both symptomatic of a deep identity crisis.

This is the second time that I see a Koran’s recitation mixed with music. The first one was made by the Egyptian Islamic intellectual Nasr Abou Zayd and Sjoerd van Koningsveld (Professor of Islamic Studies, Leiden University) and broadcasted by the Dutch Islamic Broadcasting Organisation (Nederlandse Islamitische Omroep – NIO) on July 6th, 2003 showing a recitation of the ar-Rahmaan chapter (the Compassionate ) accompanied with piano music. The show was strongly criticized by the Dutch Muslim community and a fatwa condemning the alleged blasphemy against the Koran has been issued by a Netherlands based Sheich Fawaz Jneid.

This new attempt proposes an Islam Electronica Project:

The Islam Electronica Project will explore the relationship between the e-world and all sorts of Islams, from the most moderate to the most radical. I’m interested in the concept of hypermodern Western tools (Web, Computers, Software) serving hyper-conservative-anti-Western ideas — in many cases of radical Islam, not Islam in general, “said Ahmad Sherif, the blogger behind the project.