Adding Global Voices Search to FireFox

Adding Global Voices Search to FireFox

If Global Voices is one of your most visited websites -like me- and if you find your self digging in GV archive or using GV search box frequently for specific information -like me- you might be interested in installing Global Voices search engine to your Firefox Search Bar in the upper-right corner. You may use it to save your time, mouse movements and mouse clicks 🙂 Here are the steps:

  1. Click on this link: Install Global Voices Search Engine for Firefox.
  2. Select ‘Global Voices’ from your search engine list in Firefox.
  3. Type and quickly search through Global Voices and locate your desired topic.

From here you can install the Search Engine Plugins you want (12967 at the last count) for your Firefox browser. And here, you can learn how to create your own Search plugins (for example your own blog Search engine). But the easiest way remains just to use the Add to Search Bar extension that enables you to make any pages’ search functionality available in your Firefox search box.

You may also think about installing the Organize Search Engines plugin that help you organize them by adding new ones, deleting the unused ones, changing the order and the default search engine.