Tunisian presidential airplane: I'm not the author/co-author, and I never was or pretended to be!

A lot of people are wrongly reporting that I’m involved in the making of the Tunisian presidential airplain video. The video, as I reported here earlier, was build, from sracth, by Astrubal. What I did is just blogging/talking about it (maybe a little too much), trying to create a buzz around the kind of Web2.0 activism I like. Well, the buzz has worked, but not without a collateral damage: me and my credibility. And now some people are giving me the credit, that I do not deserve, for the video, neglecting to point out to Astrubal as The only author.

Let’s make it clear, hopefully for the last time:

1- I never claimed I was involved in making the video. And how could I do such thing while the video is signed with Astrubal pseudonym and a link to his blog; unless I’m “un con” (that means stupid in French) and take ownership of something that’s not mine?

2- When I asked my friend and colleague Amira Al Hussaini to cover the story for Global Voices I explained to her, since she couldn’t read Astrubal’s post (she does not speak french) that the video has been made by Astrubal, and not by me. And I guess everyone can read that on my blog post.

3- During a conference organized by the Harvard Law School’s Berkman Center for Internet and Society in Istanbul in February of 2008, I made a keynote presentation (you can download it from here if you are a Mac user or just see screenshots of it here) about the Tunisian video activism in which I showed several examples of videos made by Astrubal, by myself and by Tarak Mekki (I’m interested in his way of using the Internet for political campaigns; and I do not sympathize with his populist approach). I said then that the presidential airplane video is the work of Astrubal. And, at the end of my presentation, I provided a link to all related posts on the videos I covered.

I cannot surf the Internet, from one blog to another, to tell the people who are wrongly giving me the credit that I’m not the author or the co-author of the video. They are a lot and I only did that with the bloggers I know.

I’m really sorry that I might caused some misunderstanding around the video and I do hope this explanation will clear it up.