Free Blogger Ali Abdulemam


Ali Abdulemam is a leading Bahraini blogger and Global Voices Advocacy author, and founder of Bahrain’s popular BahrainOnline forum. He a pioneer among Arab activists, using the internet to militate for peaceful reform. He inspired many young Bahrainis and Arabs to use the internet to express themselves and engage in spirited debate. Ali was arrested on 4 September, 2010 by the Bahraini authorities amidst a major crackdown on the country’s opposition. Ali is married with three children two baby girls (twins) and a boy. This blog is part of the Campaign to Free Ali Abdulemam.

On February 27, 2005, he was arrested by the Bahraini authorities because of messages posted on BahrainOnline that are critical of the ruling regime. The following day two more moderators of BahrainOnline were arrested: Mohammed Al Mousawi and Hussain Yousif.