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  • sami ben gharbia 5:39 am on June 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply
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    33 most sarcastic tweets about the #flotilla 

    In the wake of the deadly and universally condemned attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, on May 31, 2010, carried out by the Israeli army in international waters, many new twitter accounts have been created, by both sides (Israel and its apologists Vs. pro-Palestinian peace activists), with the sole aim to initiate a counter-narrative “PR” campaign against each other.

    A “new era of PR” has been initiated by new accounts such as @USGOVPR (joined twitter on June 1st, 2010) and @IsraelGlobalPR (joined twitter on 31 May 2010), @HamasGlobalPR (joined twitter on June 1st, 2010).

    And while mainstream media embargoes many verboten ideas, and operates always within its own bubble of assumptions, the twitter news-wire is free from all those constraints. Tweets are passionate, racist, negationist, belligerent, provocative, and most of all funny and sarcastic.

    Even the twitter account of @IDFSpokesperson and the Consulate General of Israel in New York, @IsraelConsulate (that held the twitter Q&A #AskIsrael) have adapted to the twitter environment by showing some air of sarcasm in their hasbara.

    In this sea of blood and madness, being funny – not à la “Con the World” disgusting way – is certainly much better than killing and arresting journalists who were on the ship; and that is much elegant than the IDF’s doctored audio, photos and videos that are meant to manipulate public opinion.

    I was tweeting massively about the #flotilla and this post should end my twitter contribution to the noble – and so far successful – struggle to break Israel’s blockade of Gaza.

    Here is a collection of the 33 best sarcastic tweets related to the tragedy that I came across during this past week:


    @IsraelGlobalPR: Sneak preview of our impartial investigation: “Israel’s response was proportionate and justified”

    @IsraelConsulate: @somemuslim If u want to send chocolate, bring it to the Consulate and we will b happy to send it to Gaza after proper inspection #flotilla

    @HamasGlobalPR: If the price of ending the blockade is that we need to accept gay visitors, long live the blockade #gaza #flotilla #gays

    @TheLiamMurphy: Somali pirates attack over 100 Ships with 6 fatalities. Israel captures 1 & murders over 9 http://bit.ly/90YN34”

    @SarahJanett: “paint-ball guns” Why not just dress the Israeli commandos up in non-threatening clown uniforms? Or Charlie Chaplin outfits. #flotilla #fact

    @AnnraoiOD: GOATS are banned in Gaza. @IsraelMFA How does banning such animals protect Israeli security? #RachelCorrie #FreeGaza http://bit.ly/aCjadx

    @avinunu: Based on Obama logic on #flotilla BP should be entitled to investigate itself “impartially” of course!

    @janee: If the israeli army was only armed with paintballs I’m never playing skirmish again! #flotilla


    @IsraelStatePR : We are peacefull people. You see there is lot of peace in cemeteries we created in Gaza. #flotilla #israel

    @amirahoweidy: Pls stop comparing Israel’s army to Somali pirates! This is insulting to the Somali pirates who didn’t murder anyone #flotilla #Gaza

    @radgeness: We warn the island of Cyprus to leave Israel’s territorial waters immediately or risk the consequences. #flotilla

    @HamasGlobalPR: #flotilla. please make sure next boat is only gays, christians and slutty woman. looking fo a win-win: either israel kills them or we will

    @pmoharper: Israel investigating itself for war crimes is like BP investigating itself for safety violations. #gaza #flotilla #cdnpoli

    @IsraelGlobalPR: Israel has seized toys from the flotilla which could have provided emotional support to Hamas. #flotilla

    @somemuslim: Israel should lead investigation into attack on #flotilla? Then Bin Laden should lead 9/11 investigation http://bit.ly/brRhNe

    @TenPercent: How many Zionist trolls does it take to change a lightbulb? The lightbulb attacked us! #flotilla

    @AlanDana: Where is the global condemnation of Turkey for it’s #flotilla attack against Israel? #StandWithIsrael #tcot

    @SarahJanett: We will soon release evidence that Turkish Prime Minister Erdogan is the second in command of Al-Qaeda, after Bin Laden. #flotilla

    @EhabZ: Wasn’t the 1st time pirates hijacked ships, but 1st time I can recall them claiming “self-defense.” #flotilla

    @SherifSharkawy: Now,I admit. Israeli soldiers were defending themselves from most dangerous weapon: Pikachu http://bit.ly/9QKXDV #flotilla #FreedomFlotilla

    @IsraelGlobalPR: Now that we have copies of their passports, Israel will release all foreigners from the flotilla

    @stpaulgal49: It’s all clear now. People on #flotilla were found “without papers.” Thank God Israel stopped them before they reached Arizona.

    @alaa: Economist forgets how easily chickens can be weaponized in this day and age http://is.gd/cAhfU and no one told me economist is using drupal


    @migueldeicaza: Israel is the kind of country that would elect Glenn Beck for president, is made up of Fox News viewers with billions in weapons

    @SarahJanett: What will Israel now do with Rachel Corrie ship thats heading there way. Is there such a thing as a water-bulldozer? #flotilla #rachelcorrie

    @USGOVPR: The soldier probably thought the man was holding an RPG. Some of our pilots have accidentally done the same thing #flotilla

    @FakeIsraelMFA: Mossad has evidence Terror Boat Rachel Corrie is carrying IRA Terrorists who plan to join the Hamas to invade Britain! #flotilla

    @IsraelGlobalPR: Israel apologises for the death of a US citizen aboard the flotilla, however we must state that the individual was not white

    @GenRachel: I call for the end of the occupation of Obama in the White House!!!! #tcot #Obama #politics – hey we need a FLOTILLA!

    @Ultra_Bravo: i never would’ve been upset about this whole #flotilla thing if i had watched that holocaust documentary last week.

    @Remroum: Wow at the rally. Listening to a pissed off Zionist yell at pro-Palestinian Orthodox Jews: you should have died in the Holocaust!! #flotilla

    @DolpheenaIDF: @montezume No we’ll never be at peace cz the world is Nazi


    @heidiko44: I don’t know what to believe anymore ~ #flotilla


    • Freedom Flotilla 9:47 am on June 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      This is one of the best posts i saw. very funny indeed, thanks 😉

    • Aaron 10:48 am on June 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Unfortunately @Israelconsulate isn’t even a parody account, it’s the official account of Israel Consulate in New York. A few days after (June 3) the attack on the flotilla they had a twitter conference with Israeli Minister for “Information & Diaspora” [AKA propagada] Yuli Edelstein and that was one of the answers given. The account isn’t very active and you can still see that tweet. BTW A list of permitted goods was recently obtained by some Israelis activists under FOI and chocolate is not one of the 30 or so items admitted to Gaza under the blockade. @IsraelConsulate previously answered that “Chocolate is getting into Gaza”, however neglected to mention that’s it’s via the smuggling tunnels to Egypt. It’s worth examining the responses to questions posed to @Israelconsulate during the twitter conference: the cynicism and semantic games are breathtaking.

    • sami ben gharbia 3:19 pm on June 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Thanks for the info Aaron, do you have the link to the list? I only saw this one

    • catauro 4:41 pm on June 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      LOL exellent post Sami… !!

    • Ebtihal 4:52 pm on June 6, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Very Nice. Thanks

  • sami ben gharbia 1:41 am on October 17, 2009 Permalink | Reply  

    Daily Digest for October 17th 

    twitter (feed #3)
    RT @TnElection Les candidats tunisiens se tournent vers Facebook pour mobiliser les électeurs http://tinyurl.com/yz72cfh #tnelection [ifikra]
    twitter (feed #3)
    RT @TnElection Nejib Chebbi: Gogol ou l’exclu des présidentielles http://tinyurl.com/ykk8lcm #tnelection [ifikra]
    twitter (feed #3)
    Egypt: Security beats Blogger badly: Today, Friday 16th October, the Egyptian blogger Demagh Mak and his brother.. http://bit.ly/RBSjh [ifikra]
    twitter (feed #3)
    twitter (feed #3)
    successfully added favorites, D messages, mentions + shorten url on #babtoune, it will be on the site tonight http://twitpic.com/lqzkq [ifikra]
    twitter (feed #3)
    further integration of #babtounes into #wordpress, 1-click user-friendly admin interface: save, edit, add API keys http://twitpic.com/lr2q0 [ifikra]
    twitter (feed #3)
    50 most annoying things on the internet: http://bit.ly/1K4Aey #5 "Social media gurus" I hate the concept & those who pretend 2 b "SM gurus" [ifikra]
    twitter (feed #3)
    قضايا الديمقراطية والشباب تهيمن على حملة الانتخابات في تونس http://bit.ly/4CsBsv #tnelection #boycotnelection [ifikra]
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