Below a list of projects that I made or I was involved in.

Borj Erroumi XLBorj Erroumi XL

I initially build my homepage (which means Book in Arabic) on 31 october 2003 with the publishing of the first Tunisian e-book (Borj Erroumi XL) that tells the story of the escapade that I was forced to, crossing Africa and the Middle East, to reach Europe and get asylum.

Ben Ali Yezzi, Fock!The online demonstration: Ben Ali, Fock ! , Ben Ali, Yezzi !

Since we are physically unable to demonstrate within Tunisian public spaces, we will use the internet to organize permanent demonstration in order to express our total disapproval with the Tunisian dictatorial regime. See the “Media Coverage” page for more details.

Nawaat, which means The core in Arabic, is an independant Tunisian site featuring news articles, multimedia, links to articles about Tunisia in international newspapers, forums, chat rooms, and photographs with an opposition slant.

Freedom of expression in mourningFreedom of expression in mourning!

Throughout the WSIS and in order to get the attention of the Tunisian and the International public opinion to the cruel absence of freedom of expression and information in Tunisia, and the obvious incoherence between the principles of this world summit and its hosting by the violent and repressive Tunisian regime, a working group has been gathered under the sponsorship of the Tunisian Association for the promotion and defense of the Cyberspace (TAPD – Cyberspace) in order to launch the campaign: “Freedom of Expression in Mourning!”

Tunisian Prisons MapTunisian Prisoners Map.

The map consists of a mashup work (a technique of mixing composite applications and services exposed on the web to form a new service). This map displays: An approximate listing of Tunisian prisons indicated on a Google Maps API + GMapEZ. In order to elaborate the list, I have pulled data from Human Rights NGOs report as well as a temporary list of Tunisian prisons […] It is to be noted that only the markers pointing to Tunis 9th April prison, Gorjani detention center, Borj Erroumi, Nadhor and Bizerte city prisons are exact. All others indicate an approximate positioning, generally the main town of a district that bears the name of the prison.

Delhi2006Global Voices GVdelhi2006 Summit Map

The aim of designing the GVdelhi2006 Map is to memorize the Summit and the presence of all the attendees who have given that amazing gathering a colorful touch. Further aims are to underline – by putting in it on the map- the globalized aspect of the GV community and to provide an easy access to each other’s blogs and information.

Blue Ribbon ActionThe Tunisian page of the Blue Ribbon Action

Refuser de se soumettre à la censure. Contre la logique de la “cyberpolice » de l’Agence tunisienne d’Internet (ATI) et de l’Agence Tunisienne de Communication Extérieure (ATCE), les principaux rouages de la mainmise du pouvoir sur l’information, engagons ensemble la « cyberésistance » et exigeons le respect de la “Déclaration de Sofia”, adoptée par son Assemblée générale de 1997, appelant à ce que les principes fondamentaux de liberté d’expression et de liberté d’information soient appliqués aux nouvelles technologies au même titre qu’aux médias traditionnels.

ATPD- CyberspaceATPD- Cyberspace

ATPD-Cyberspace is a trilingual association (Arabic, French, and English) for Tunisian bloggers to promote and defend the Tunisian cyberspace. It has been created to support our right to think, write and share freely our ideas and information on the Web.

Small multimedia projects…